News: Introducing Note & Worth


Hello! We are very excited to announce that our new website is now officially live! Our exclusive set of Constellation Notebooks are now available for purchase online.

The Idea Behind the Design: Our Constellation Notebooks are literally inspired by the stars. It was a chance encounter with a stargazing app that led us to ask the question, ‘why do constellations exist and what are they even for?’. What we discovered was a wealth of history that dates as far back as ancient times. If you live in the West you would recognise constellations as being associated with Greek mythology, signs of the zodiac, animals or objects. Whilst in the East, traditional Chinese constellations were associated with four mythical creatures, colours and the seasons.

What fascinates us most is how humans have harnessed nature for their own means, from navigating the earth to telling their stories. By connecting a series of dots in the nights sky.

The result is a series of playful designs that form the basis of a constellation. Each constellation is incomplete, like a dot-to-dot game. It plays on the idea that it’s up to us to connect-the-dots to our IDEAS, PLANS and GOALS; to create our stories.